Review Best Ghost-Detecting Applications for Android & iOS

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Ghost Sensor – EM4 Detector Cam

For those intrigued by the potential presence of spirits in your vicinity, consider giving the Ghost Sensor – EM4 Detector Cam application a try. Developed by Talgame, this application is reputed to accurately detect ghostly signals.

Furthermore, it is equipped with a robust EM4 algorithm. With this algorithm, ghostly signals are captured with ease. To employ this application, one simply needs to launch it and the Ghost Sensor – EM4 Detector Cam will commence its search for ghost radars in the surrounding area. Following the strongest signal could lead one to discover a ghost.

Ghost Detector Pro

This particular application captures emmusion signals present on the radar, signals that indicate the presence of spectral beings in the vicinity.

One only needs to activate the Ghost Detector Pro application. Subsequently, the application will instantly search for ghost signals through the phone’s screen, indicated by a green dot. If one spots a green dot, it implies there’s a ghost at that location.

Ghosts Prank

What’s unique about the Ghosts Prank application are the five intriguing features for capturing ghosts. The first feature, magnetophone, is capable of transforming ghost signals into sound. Of course, it’s not just any sound, but rather a spine-chilling ghostly sound. Then, there’s the paranormal detector feature which can be utilized to search for astral activities in one’s surroundings.

The third feature is the Radar Map, capable of capturing ghost signals and displaying them on your phone’s screen. The fourth feature, Ghost Finder, enables one to locate ghosts. The final and most captivating feature is the Ghost Camera, allowing one to capture images of ghosts!

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EMF Ghost Detector

If one wishes to detect the presence of ghosts, the EMF Ghost Detector application can be used. Similar to previous applications, the EMF Ghost Detector captures ghost signals based on the analysis of surrounding electromagnetic fields. It’s straightforward to use, simply activate the application and observe the ghost signals detected within.

Real Ghost Detector

The Real Ghost Detector is another ghost-detecting application for Android that one might wish to experiment with. To use it, one simply needs to point their phone’s camera towards a location suspected to be haunted.

When the camera is pointed, the radar rotates, and there are also chilling sound effects that emerge as the application attempts to detect ghosts.

Unfortunately, the team did not find what they were searching for. We attempted to photograph specific locations using the camera feature, but to no avail. After checking, it turns out there’s an additional application that needs to be downloaded. Regrettably, this application cannot be downloaded for free.

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