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WhatsApp, an immensely popular messaging application across various platforms, is widely embraced by individuals in today’s smartphone-centric world. 

This versatile platform caters to users of Android, iOS, and even offers a web version for PC enthusiasts. It’s worth noting that WhatsApp tricks have gained substantial traction in recent times, further amplifying its appeal.

It is crucial to acknowledge that this particular application does not originate from WhatsApp officially. Nonetheless, it may be acquired from the Play Store, as it adheres to the requisite guidelines. 

Features of Apps

  • One may transmit messages in a striking blue hue.
  • This software furnishes over 50 sophisticated text designs, enabling the crafting of missives in diverse styles.
  • An assortment of more than 30 creative typefaces is available.
  • Over 30 ready-to-use sticker collections spanning multiple categories are at one’s disposal.
  • The creation of bespoke stickers is feasible as well.
  • A freehand pencil sketch tool facilitates unrestrained drawing upon stickers.
  • An impressive 25+ clipart collections (including celebratory themes such as the New Year and birthdays) can be utilized to fashion custom stickers.

Thus, this application transcends mere text styling, as it harmoniously combines a stylish text generation tool with a sticker creation feature. 

Preloaded sticker packs are provided, and personal stickers may be crafted using images procured from the World Wide Web.

For the sticker component, over 30 typefaces are accessible in more than 20 chromatic combinations. Additionally, any hue may be employed to inscribe text upon the stickers. 

For those seeking unrestrained artistic expression, the pencil sketch option is available.

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Upon completing the design of a custom sticker using clipart and font colors, it may be saved to one’s mobile device gallery. This feature affords the opportunity to share one’s creativity with cherished acquaintances.

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