How To Change WhatsApp Font Color and Get Free Apps

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 Change Font Color In WhatsApp Chat – Initially, one must proceed to acquire a font alteration application from the Google Play Store. A multitude of such applications can be found therein. Thus, consider downloading applications such as WhatsBlue text (Fancy Text Generator Pro) or Cool fonts for WhatsApp and Text.

After installing this app, here are the steps to change the WhatsApp font color:

  • Initiate the BlewWords app, namely WhatsBlue text (Fancy Text Generator Pro), located within the app drawer, and proceed to access the “Fancy text” feature. Select the “Start writing” button.
  • Compose the desired message using the WhatsBlue text app. Upon completion, observe the transformed text, now presented in a vibrant blue hue (additional font styles are available within the app).
  • Select “Blue Text fonts” to transmit the message utilizing the blue-colored typeface.
  • Three options shall be presented: “Copy text,” “WhatsApp text,” and “Share text.” Opt for “WhatsApp text” to dispatch the message via WhatsApp.
  • Upon selecting the “WhatsApp” button, the WhatsApp interface shall appear, prompting the selection of a recipient for the message. (Note: The option to copy text from the app for utilization in alternate messaging platforms is available.)


Indeed, these applications are entirely safe and secure. Concerns need not be entertained. Utilization of Unicode characters to transform letters into emojis is the method employed by such applications.

Is it feasible to employ these applications without first rooting one’s mobile device?

Certainly, usage of these applications is possible without the necessity of rooting one’s Android phone.

Can the font color be altered on an iPhone employing this approach?

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Regrettably, the application in question is solely compatible with Android devices; thus, iOS devices are incompatible. For iPhone users, the Better fonts application is recommended. Bold, italic, strikethrough, and monospace text formats may be employed on the iPhone.

Are additional colors, aside from blue, available for use?

Blue is the sole color option. Other hues, such as red, green, or yellow, are not available. Nonetheless, a broader color selection is accessible when creating stickers.

Is it possible to modify the font or text size?

Certainly, text size adjustments can be made within chats. However, this functionality is only applicable to one’s personal device and cannot be employed when sending messages. For Android users, open the WhatsApp application, navigate to Settings » Chats » Font size, and select from small, medium, or large options. iPhone users can adjust text size within device settings.

Can red font be utilized in WhatsApp?

Many individuals search for red font options; however, no such color is presently available.

Thus, esteemed readers, the preceding guidance elucidates the process of altering the font color within WhatsApp. This straightforward and effortless approach enables the transmission of messages in a resplendent blue hue. Moreover, the application features a plethora of additional font styles. One may also explore alternative applications available within the Google Play Store to achieve the desired outcome, as numerous options exist for the express purpose of modifying WhatsApp fonts.

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